Calendar of Events

  Below you will find a Calendar of Events that the Avon Township Democrats have been notified of from other political organizations and campaigns. If you would like to add something to this calendar that would fit into the scope of our Statement of Purpose please click here. This is a calendar of political events and fundraisers for the Avon Township and surrounding areas. The calendar changes very frequently so please check back to have the most up to date information. The Events that are listed were submitted to us, If you do not notify us of your events that we can not guarantee that they will be listed on our calendar of Events. You can always send your submissions to

Notice: The Avon Township Democrats are not responsible for the accuracy of the calendar and the information included with each event. Event dates, times and locations sometimes change and we are not notified. We strive to try and keep the most current information but if not notified of a change we cannot change it.

The Avon Township Democrats encourage all individuals in the Avon Township area to become active and be more aware of the happenings in their own Municipalities/Villages that they may live in within Avon Township. Thus, we have listed the web sites for each Municipalitiy/Village and we have also listed the meeting dates of each village in the Calendar of events below.

The following are the Municipalities/Villages within Avon Township. These links go directly to their websites. Below in our Calendar of Events we have included their Board Meeting dates. Dates do change and meetings are canceled so please check with the villages web sites to make sure there has not been any changes.

Avon Township - 

Grayslake –

Hainesville Il –

Round Lake –

Round Lake Beach –

Round Lake Heights –

Round Lake Park -

Third Lake – 

Calendar of Local Political Events

The dates below are for political events that will be held in the Avon Township and surrounding Township areas. Please click the Event Details for more information. A Facebook link to the Event Invitation has been supplied when available.

No upcoming events.

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